Our mission is simple - to help you become the best conductor you can be.

We all want our ensembles to grow, learn and develop, both as musicians and as human beings. Yet as we strive to serve others (musicians, parents, committees, administration and all the rest!) we can easily lose ourselves.

The struggle is real.

In midst of the blood, sweat, tears and email it’s easy to forget that we need to learn and grow as well. We say we’ll do it tomorrow. Or at the next vacation.

When we choose to invest in ourselves and our conducting, our ensembles reap great rewards.

Conducting Artistry is the place to recharge, be inspired and be challenged.

Learn on your lunch break. Do it next rehearsal.

Our resources are designed for you to implement immediately on the podium. You’ll find bite sized nuggets you can incorporate into your conducting, rehearsing and planning.

Some ideas take more time. So when we share big picture ideas we don’t just give information. We show how to use our time to make better happen in your rehearsal room.

We want our ensemble members to have a life long love of music, whether that be as music-makers or audiences.

Empowering our ensembles means giving them the skills and tools to become independent music makers. When they leave us, they'll go on to thrive and make music on their own terms, in their own way.

It's better for us in the rehearsal room now, too. Musicians who take responsibility create more enjoyable, more successful rehearsals and performances.

Our resources help you build independent, confident musicians who are ready to make meaningful music throughout their lives.


Ingrid Martin is passionate about helping conductors be better leaders, musicians and educators.

Melbourne, Australia, 2009: At age 24, while completing a Graduate Diploma in Music (Conducting) with the late Prof. John Hopkins OAM I was handed the reins of one of Australia's finest high school bands. From having never conducted a school ensemble, to leading interstate and international tours, I quickly learned the intricacies of helping students succeed on and off the stage, in life and in music.

Minneapolis, MN, 2012: After four great years, I felt I had more to learn. So I left that dream job, and jumped on a plane to study a Masters in Wind Conducting under the incredible Craig Kirchhoff at the University of Minnesota.

Those two years in the chilly midwest transformed me as a conductor, musician and person. And left me hungry to share all I'd learned with others.

Melbourne, 2014 to today: Since returning to Australia I've maintained a full time career as a freelance conductor, working in schools, universities and the community.

Off the podium, I travel across the country working one-on-one with hundreds of conductors each year in schools, festivals, universities and the community. As a result, I've been able to continually refine  efficient, elegant solutions to the most common conducting problems we all face.

I'm delighted to share what I've learned with you through Conducting Artistry so that together we can:

• Give our ensembles and audiences better musical experiences
• Make our ensembles sound better
• Continuously improve our conducting
• Solve musical and conducting problems
• Feel more confident and empowered on the podium
• Connect with like minded conductors

I hope you'll join the community.


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