S2E0: Better Rehearsals - Trailer

After a long hiatus I'm back with a new co-host, Tom Grayden. This season we're exploring what players need from conductor and what conductors need to do to prepare for better rehearsals (and performances)! Hit subscribe to get our latest episode dropping each Tuesday.

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Hosts: Ingrid Martin & Tom Grayden

Editing: Tom Grayden

Music: The Crosswinds Ensemble

Recorded at the University of Melbourne

S2E2: From paper to performance - score study, imagination & listening like crazy

How do you effectively prepare and study a score before rehearsals? How do you create your own vision for the piece? Should you listen to recordings? What about MIDIs? How do you prepare for a world premiere where no recording exists? We tackle all the curly questions to help you boost your score preparation.


S2E1: Get prepared for the big picture

From repertoire selection to rehearsal orders and balancing admin vs. artistic responsibilities, we break down what conductors need to consider in the lead up to a first rehearsal - whether you're working with educational, professional or community ensembles.


S2E0: Better Rehearsals - Trailer

What do players need from conductors from before the first rehearsal up to the performance? Dive in with us in this sneak peek of our newest season!