S1E2: Make Real Music Faster with Appropriate Repertoire

When you select appropriate repertoire, you can make real music in every rehearsal.

8 common ensemble problems caused by repertoire choice and how to avoid them

  1. Low student engagement
  2. Low teacher engagement
  3. Slow rehearsal pace/progress
  4. Urgent rehearsal pace
  5. Student's can't play the music
  6. It just sounds bad!
  7. Persistent areas of weakness/lack of development
  8. Poor student retention in ensembles or music program

The 80/20 rule for choosing repertoire at the right level for your group
Selecting achievable repertoire so you can make real music faster.

Action Steps

  1. Look at your list of repertoire you have planned to program (or a past concert program). Put a '?' next to all the pieces that are in the '20' category (or are just too hard). Is it 80/20?
  2. Find one new piece that fits the '80' category for your ensemble

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