S2E3: First rehearsals - trust, expectations and listening like crazy

Today's episode tackles the crucial first rehearsal. Learn how to make a lasting impression, establish effective communication and the importance of rhythm, with the understanding that initial mistakes are an essential part of the journey towards a stellar performance.

The conversation takes a deep dive into managing stress and expectations, with a focus on cultivating a positive environment for musicians. Discover how to navigate the tricky path of labeling pieces as easy or challenging, and the significance of maintaining a global awareness within the ensemble.

Through our discussion, gain practical tips on improving communication within sections and setting the right priorities during rehearsals.

Finally, join us as we explore the distinct dynamics that come with handling a professional orchestra versus an educational or community group. Grasp the decisive and adaptable attitude needed when conducting a professional group, and the opportunities for growth and experimentation in an educational or community ensemble. Whether you're a conductor, a player, or simply a music enthusiast, you're sure to gain valuable insights from our shared experiences and reflections on improving performances in both contexts.

Together, we underscore the importance of empowering students in music education and encourage you to embrace the same in your practice.

S2E7: Memorable Performances - Balancing Stability vs. Risk Taking

How do you plan for and reveal that extra level of energy in the performance and connect meaningfully with the audience? What's required to balance stability vs. risk-taking onstage? How can we best use limited sound-check time to instil confidence while meeting everyone's needs and preserving energy?


S2E6: Final Rehearsals - Cultivating Confidence and Security

What's the goal of final rehearsals? How do we ensure preparedness while keeping the music fresh? How do we need to adapt our rehearsals to build confidence in groups that perform rarely vs. those that perform often? What's the value of practicing performing, rather than just rehearsing? We tackle all this and more in this episode focussed on final rehearsals and sound checks.


S2E5: Fostering Engagement with Questions, Conviction & Repetition

How do you know when to keep working at a passage or just move on? How do you balance your own interpretation vs. making space for the musicians' ideas? What's the role of non-verbal communication in effective rehearsals? What might we learn from taking more notice of what's going on in the room?