S1E4: The Concert: Creating An Emotional Journey

How to structure a concert

  • What is the emotional arc of the performance?
  • How do you want the audience to feel?
  • Engaging the audience from (before) the first note

Transfigured Night - Norwegian Chamber Orchestra (YouTube video)

Completing The Circle - Considerations for Change in the Performance of Music, Bud Beyer (book)

Methods for planning the shape of a concert

  • Using playlists to plan transitions
  • Common pitfalls in concert sequencing

Download the Concert Shapes Inspiration PDF

Action Step

  1. Take music you have already selected for a performance. Write the titles on small pieces of paper. Play with the different orders of pieces. Draw a shape of the emotional journey of the concert for each different program order.

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S1E7: Engaging Players and Audiences with Thematic Programming

The how and why of thematic programming to engage your players and (new) audiences.


S1E6: Discernment: How to Pick Quality Music

How do we determine artistic excellence? How do we select music that is appropriate for our ensembles, audiences and performances?


S1E5: Finding New Music: Being A Repertoire Detective

Where and how to look for new repertoire.