S1E7: Engaging Players and Audiences with Thematic Programming

Benefits of thematic programming

  • Explore composers' responses to an idea in depth and breadth
  • Deepen players' and audiences' connection to the music
  • Focusses marketing efforts and capture new audiences
  • Opportunities for collaboration and cross-curricular links
  • Opportunities for creativity and non-musical elements in performance

How to create a themed program

  • Specific themes vs. Broad Themes
  • Example program & extra-musical elements
  • Make a huge list of related works then cull it down
  • Use techniques discussed in prior episodes to create shape of program

Download the full details of themed programs including program notes, list of works, photos and non-musical elements:

  • The Sound of Art
  • An Invitation to the Dance including Death by Tango (Soundcloud) by Edward Fairlie
  • Beyond the Stars

Action Steps

  1. Pick a theme and find 5 pieces that fit the theme
  2. Write down who is the target audience for this theme and 5 places you could advertise to this audience
  3. Pick one image that could be the program cover

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S1E7: Engaging Players and Audiences with Thematic Programming

The how and why of thematic programming to engage your players and (new) audiences.


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