6 Ways to Practice & Rehearse Without Instruments

You can use these strategies on the podium too to deepen students' learning.

Students #stuckathome without instruments? There are still plenty of ways they can practice and improve their skills! PLUS you can use these in rehearsal when everyone's ears need a break.

This post is from the #rehearsalhomealone series on activities for ensemble students who are #stuckathome due to COVID-19.

Got students who don't have their instruments with them? They can still practice.

Dreaming of your next in-person rehearsal? You can use these strategies on the podium too!

Covering the same material in different ways and from different angles deepens our learning. When we all get back to our ensemble rooms our ears are also going to be pretty sensitive to the sudden resurgence in volume. These activities allow you to keep rehearsing while giving everyone's ears a break.

1. Sizzling

Works on: rhythm, articulation, air/breathing, dynamics, phrasing, expression, posture


2. Sizzling & Fingering

Works on: rhythm, articulation, air, dynamics, phrasing, expression, fingering, physical technique, posture


3. Shadow Play/Mime

Works on: physical technique, body awareness, air/breathing, posture


4. Singing

Works on: pitch, rhythm, intonation, articulation, dynamics, phrasing, expression, breathing, posture


5. Singing & Fingering

Works on: pitch, rhythm, intonation, articulation, dynamics, phrasing, expression, breathing, posture, fingering


6. Visualise/Imagine

Works on: all of the above, plus internal pitch, internal pulse, tone concept, mind-body connection


Mix it Up with Digital Flash Cards

To make practice more interesting, you and your students can use flash cards to try different strategies throughout a practice session or rehearsal, or try different ones each day.

Get FREE Quizlet flashcards for your students to use (or for you to use when planning future rehearsals - either online or in person). Use the Learn -> Flashcards option, then select shuffle to keep your practice & rehearsals interesting.

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