Rehearsal Strategies

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When the what and the how is gone, get back to why

In a world where rehearsals are online, performances are on hold and the future is uncertain, what are our ensembles for?

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The Obstacle of Convention

How convention prevents us from becoming better teachers

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Composer Steven Bryant on Play, Creativity & Making Mistakes

3 student activities and 5 teacher PD questions from my interview with Steven Bryant

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Composer Alex Shapiro on Connection, Being in the Moment & Wellbeing

Including 5 activities for conductors and students on being in the moment, being more expressive using acting and reflecting on competition.

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Listening for Who Has the Melody

Even though we're not playing together, we can still practice listening for who has the melody in our ensemble music. Plus, how to turn this into a 5-minute score study activity.

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6 Ways to Practice & Rehearse Without Instruments

Students #stuckathome without instruments? There are still plenty of ways they can practice and improve their skills! PLUS you can use these in rehearsal when everyone's ears need a break.

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"How Fascinating!" Responding to the Unexpected

Every single day we guide musicians in how to respond to the unexpected.‍ From a wrong note, to a glitch on the podium, to a global pandemic.

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Back to rehearsals: Setting expectations and trusting in your process

Spinning your wheels because you're still in holiday mode? Frantic because you have an important performance soon? Learn three strategies to replace short term thinking with long range development that will make your ensemble better.

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Top Holiday Gifts for Conductors ($10-$100+)

What does every conductor wants under their tree this year? Whether someone's buying for you, or you're buying for yourself, here are my top picks for last minute conductor gifts to suit every budget.

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What to say when it doesn't sound great...yet

It can be hard to know what to say when it doesn't sound good, and you don't want to crush the musicians. The worst thing we can do is say it's good when it isn't.

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Why Can’t the Students Pick Their Own Music?

I received this question from a colleague at the end of her tether, wondering what she should tell parents who were hounding her, and students who wanted to play endless concerts of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pharell Williams and Beyonce. "We like that music, why can’t we play it in band?"

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Why does my band look sloppy onstage?

You’re at festival with your band and as you walk onstage you wonder: why Ethan in the 3rd clarinets is shuffling his music around? why are the trombones always the last to stand for the conductor? why did the percussionist just drop something? why does Emily always wear white socks with black pants and shoes?

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