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Does our repertoire reflect our people?

Well, does it? If the answer's no, then we've got work to do. Here's how to get better.

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Ask more, tell less

The path to musical nirvana starts with a single question. And the path to musical hell starts with telling the ensemble what to do.

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How will I go? Top tips for returning to in person rehearsals

Going back to in person rehearsals? Congratulations! Excited? Scared? Me too! Here's how to manage yourself and mentally prepare for going back, without burning out

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The one word that can make or break you as a conductor and leader

There is one word that immediately creates division, disconnection and a power imbalance within our ensembles. And we use it so often on the podium, we often have no awareness we're saying it.

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An Overachiever's Honest Resume: How I Almost Quit Conducting

Outward success isn't always what it seems. Feeling left behind while others thrive? Chances are, they're feeling the same way.

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Podcasts to listen to:

S2E0: Better Rehearsals - Trailer

What do players need from conductors from before the first rehearsal up to the performance? Dive in with us in this sneak peek of our newest season!